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Online Raelian Planetary Meditation
As you may already be aware, meditation is a very important part of several religions on Earth. Well over 1 billion Buddhists and Hindus meditate daily. Some Westerners also know that even Jesus spoke of meditation. Meditation is of course also quite important in the Raelian philosophy - which is an atheistic religion as is Buddhism.

Meditation is also being proven by science to have amazing health benefits. Science is proving what the ancients knew and had learned from the great prophets, who were themselves through a wonderful taught by The Elohim.

Maitreya Rael has also clarified that when we meditate, we have a positive influence on people around us - even if they are not directly aware of it.

Whether you currently practice a form of meditation or whether you have only thought about giving meditation a try, we would like to invite you to discover meditation as practiced by Raelians - without having to even leave your home! Thanks to the internet, it is now possible! In the Raelian Planetary Meditation virtual room, a "Raelian Guide" will greet you and guide you meditation followed by a discussion of a philosophical topic.

We hope you will join us and enjoy the pleasure of being connected with people from every continent and together we will fill this blue planet with our love - as well as what is always a very stimulating philosophical discussion following the meditation! You are free to participate or to only observe - but we are sure you will enjoy the pleasure which meditation brings.

The English meditations are held every first Wednesday of the month at 9PM, Bridgetown time. A different Guide will host every meeting and will have a different theme for discussion - hoping that you will bring your questions on the topic of the month, or even related questions about the Raelian philosophy. :-)

Come enjoy a free online Raelian Meditation from the comfort of your home

You can find the details at Online Raelian Planetary Meditation

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